Too Late – Corinne – 1

Corrine checked into the Guest House, put down her bag and came onto the porch to gaze at the sea.  Suddenly, a fabulous woman, riding a motorcycle, drove in.

The woman wore no helmet, her tawny hair pulled back, her face in a smile, as she tossed a remark at the man who was her pillion.

Corrine hadn’t noticed him, although he was large and muscular.

The woman came quickly up the stairs, gave Corrine a smile and greeting and went inside.   The man paused as if getting his balance, then came onto the porch.

He wasn’t handsome, but seemed nice, for when she said;  “You don’t like riding a motorcycle?”

“I don’t like being pillion on a bike driven by a mad woman,”  but he said it good naturedly, then went inside.


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Written by jaylar

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