Tisa Flower

Tisa Flower is a unique phenomenon of nature except in Serbia on the Tisa river, there is still only in China on the river Jang Jang Tseng. Amazing atmosphere unique natural phenomenon Tisa blooming, followed by a romantic ritual of releasing floating candles burning desire in the river, with an excellent fire performance on the shore and the water has become a recognizable event that each year there are more participants in Novi Becej. Prints flower insect that lives his life in the mud at the bottom of the river, and only on one day of the year, after three years spent in the mud, appear above the river and flying in swarms extended its kind. Flowering Tisa is actually a dance of these delicate insects in which the male and female merge, and after fertilization and laying their eggs dies first male and then female. Over millions of fertilized eggs starts a new three-year development cycle in clayey riverbed Tisa.


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  1. A natural phenomenon, which occurs once a year.
    Do you know that the larva of this one butterfly butterfly is the best fishing tackle on Tisa River.
    You have to dig the earth when the river is retreated, and if you’re lucky it will find you a Tisa butterfly larva.

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