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Thermopylae, Greece

Thermopylae, Greece 

Leonidas Thermopylae is a city famous battle deaths and three hundred Spartans, with the help of 700 friends against the vast Persian army. In this gorge took place in an amazing battle in which the Spartan army (three hundred Spartans) with the help of additional units from other Greek city-states, has managed to retain a few days hundreds of thousands of Persian soldiers. Herodotus writes of up to two million, led by Emperor Xerxes. That was then. And today, here you can see the great monument of Leonidas and his Spartans, a warrior with a shield and raised spear. Standing on the podium famous Xerxes Leonidas response to the request that the Spartans lay down their arms, “Molon Labe”, ie. “Come and get it!” Thermopylae Gorge Gorge is not in the classic sense of the word, but make it a mountain slope Kalidromo (or Kalidro) on one side and the sea on the other. Of 480.


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