There was a Time – 16

Isaac first saw Gila at a club.  She was wearing a skin tight dress, and giving him the eye.

He’d raced over, they had drinks, she seemed perfect.

Her hair was styled to cover the left side of her face.  He didn’t notice until after he’d taken and published kissy face selfies she had two large moles.

So what?  He thought.   So she wasn’t perfect, she was close.   And she made it clear she was no straight laced Miss but a wild thing, the kind of gal who loved her body and wanted to show it.

Isaac needed the world to see Gila with him.  Needed the world, primarily his exwife Rosa to see he wasn’t moping around alone, but out having a hot time with a hot gal.

After that first evening he plunged into a relationship with Gila.  They went to dances, they went to shows, they went to the beach.   Isaac posted image after image on Facebook of Gila and he dancing and kissing.


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Written by jaylar

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