Their Opinion of You is Nothing; JuNoWriMo Day Eight

It happens.

You express something you have hard-earned and hard-learned, in a group such as some online community – or perhaps out there in meat-space – and some sloped-forehead tries to ridicule you for knowing it, as if they think they somehow own you and can even tell you what to think or maybe want to influence how you feel about yourself because they are asocial.

Never let someone make you feel worthless just because they need to feel big. Their opinion of you means nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – compared to your own opinion of you.

A damaged self- esteem is a) the result of all of your life’s bad decisions AND a prerequisite to remain an addict to drugs of any sort.

As a person escapes the drugs, the dopehead crowd will do their level best to try dragging you down, in every way possible, to keep you feeling about yourself the same way they feel about themselves – hollow, empty, devoid of any real empathy and of course, using the drugs (alcohol included) to mask the real issues needing to be dealt with inside of their own mind and soul.

Other dopeheads need to try to crush you and stop you from escaping drugs because if you make it to freedom, then they lose their own excuses, within the light of truth.

And, oh, do they ever hate the truth. The truth is what they hide from in drug usage, after all.

So, let them try their best. All they really show the world with their “jokes” and ridicule and weak attempts to psychologically beat you down, is their own weakness.The late, great Whitney Houston once wrote a song on this very topic. The title is “The Greatest Love of All.” Give it a listen and try paying close attention to the words, the message she shared with us all.

This particular song, I believe is precisely why Bobby Brown was sent to enslave her on dope, in order to distract the world from her message.

Their opinion of you means nothing compared to your opinion of yourself.

Read that sentence again and again, until the message gets through your thick skull.


What do you think?


Written by DonaldPennington

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  1. That song is one of my favorites and the lyrics are powerful.

    Lyrics like… “No matter what they take from me, they can’t take away my dignity”
    And of course… “Learning to love yourself, It is the greatest love of all”

    Thank you again Donald for the reminders we all needed.


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