Ten facts about the theater, of trivial importance. 1 There is a superstition that if you follow the accidents in the theater saying “Macbeth 2 shortest plays in the world is” exhalation “Samuel Beckett, which lasted 35 seconds. 3 In building the London theater “Globe” all other theaters were forced to move to the southern part of London 4 There is a belief among actors that is a bad sign to wear purple on stage unless it is combined with something silver. 5 The first theater production in Serbia was carried out in 1825 in Kragujevac. 6 Moliere died at the scene from severe coughing spells during the performance, “splenetic”. 7 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the theater during the play “My American friend.” 8 The most famous opera house Scala was built on the foundations of the church “Santa Maria alla Scala”. 9 Shakespeare demanded that he be the epitaph engraved curse that would catch up with anyone who disturbed his peace. 10 Sarah Bernhardt in the 98th year of life played a girl of 15 years and all of his role in preparing the coffin.

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