The Voice Of Reason

He comes out of the shadow, waiting, for a year, and ….. a friend I didn`t know I had. Just there. Waiting.

Instant friends? Hmm, I don`t know about that because I am skeptical about new people, ya know all the scammers, but yeah, he is easy to talk to.

“Hey girlie girl, you are a tough one to deal with at times but that is how I made you, head strong, a leader and not a follower. You already know what is real and what is not, yet you wanted to stay in the fantasy, for a laugh, but time to come back to your dreams and not theirs. I sent this voice of reason so you would listen. My plan for you is working. Look out the window, that is the future.” Said God

I know, I know! I can see now. I knew it all along but for someone to see it and tell me, not just once but over and over, brought me back to reality.

And ‘Him’……. the phone call. He pulled me back in, from the darkness to his light. Back to MY dream…. his dream? I don`t know, maybe I should continue to question everything and assume nothing. Yeah, that is what I will do. I will live my dream and see who is following me, who wants to be here and a part of it and go from there.

No I am not talking about the freeloaders either, the real people that see my vision and share their part, what they have for me and not always what I have to give…… OH God! he already showed me something…. but no… question everything and  assume nothing.

There is always a price to pay.

“I know he showed you that, do you think that is a good enough sign? He gave you the plan! You.  Or should I push it… what else do you need?” replied God.

How about a hug? Yeah, that would seal the deal.

God shakes his head.


“Hey Angie. How are you?” said Trent

Good, how about yourself?

“Yeah, I`m good.” replied Trent

“I blocked them all but one.”

“That is a good start, why not all of them?” asked Trent

“That one saying, still got me freaked out.”

“They are all in Africa, all a scam, walk away, go live life.” replied Trent

“I know you`re right….. I know.”

“They want nothing but your money, walk away and go live. Dress up and go out, even of only for coffee.” advised Trent


I look down and I see his hand in mind.

“Stay with me My Love.” Said Peter.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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