The Unmasking of America – 9


In 1955 two men were found Not Guilty of the murder of Emmett Till.  They were guilty, even admitted it a year later.  But they were White.   Emmett Till was Black.

This kind of ‘justice’ has existed from the inception of the United States and continues to this day.   

Nearly every week there is some revelation that black men, who served long sentences or were executed, were actually innocent.

This is because the American system of Justice is as unbiased as those in any dictatorship.

Conviction depends not only on skin colour but social and ideological positions.

Those with money, big friends, high position, often get away.  

If they are convicted, it is

1) years after the offense or 2)they are thrown under the bus by one who has more money or bigger friends or higher position3) they are pardoned or released 

One has just as much ‘right’ to a fair trial in America as they do in North Korea.  The difference is that American propaganda masks this fact and the public believes that there is ‘Justice’ in America 

White Americans, ignore the proof,  Black Americans often suffer the truth.


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