The Unmasking of America – 4

The Electoral College was created as a Compromise with the Slave Owning South.   In calculating population, hence, appointing electors to the Electoral College, the infamous 3/5ths Compromise was created.

Every five slaves would be counted as three people, so that the population of a southern state would not be so much less than that of a Northern.

Once slavery was abolished the Electoral College should have joined.

Why isn’t the popular vote the measure of who won and who lost?

Five Presidential Candidates lost the popular vote, but became President.

This should not have happened.

When Rutherford B. Hayes lost the popular vote but became President in 1876, (after Slavery was abolished)  the Electoral College ought have been closed.

It was not.

In 2016 more people voted for Hilary Clinton than Donald Trump, but winning the Electoral College votes, he stomped into office.

If there had been no Electoral College then Trump would never had entered the White House and been responsible for destroying the respect America had held over the decades.

Trump’s ‘victory’ in 2016 proves that America is not a democracy.


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