The Unmasking of America – 10


There are those, who deal with logic and facts and uncover truth.  They have no difficulty in admitting that their government lies or that particular events were or are not accurately reported.

The majority, however, who make themselves available to any ‘conspiracy theory’ that is expounded.  It doesn’t matter by who or when or where.

For example, a vaccine was created, called the MMR which prevented the transmission of measles, mumps and rubella.   Measles can cause death.

There should be no deaths from measles if the vaccination is taken.

As people have been swallowed by a conspiracy theory that the MMR causes autism despite no evidence of this they do not have their children immunised. 

Yet, allegedly educated people believe that vaccines are dangerous and so do not have their children inoculated so that they can sicken and die from measles

Recently, many people expressed their reluctance to get the vaccine against Corona Virus.   This pleased the Governments because that means they can buy a fraction of what they should without guilt.

After all, if a country has 200M people and half of them claim they won’t take it, then importing 50M vaccines should be sufficient.  Sheep will listen to the howlers who are against the vaccination.  They won’t say anything because they are sheep, but won’t take it.

The government saves money, the howlers and sheep should sicken and die, and it is a win/win.

The ‘conspiracy’ here is rather clever;  for the governments, relying on the stupidity of their people, betting on the moronic anti-vaxxers to persist in their howls,  will not have to explain why they did not buy 200M doses.  

Further, having publicised the old Tuskegee Syphilis scandal they can get a lot of Afro-Americans to refuse the jab. 

Hence, America didn’t bar Afro-Ams from getting the vaccination; Afro-Ams chose not to get it of ‘their own free will’.


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