The Unmasking of America – 1


Fake News

Everyone saw the photographs of the inauguration of Donald Trump compared to that of Barack Obama.  It was clear, Trump had less than 1/3rd of the crowd that filled that lawn for Barack Obama.


Yet Trump insisted he had 3x more than Obama, his toe suckers backed it up, and one even used the term ‘Alternate Facts.’

Right after that, Trump labelled every truthful news report as Fake News.

If he did something or said something, even if one had the proof, he smugly knocked it away as ‘Fake News’.

And so strong was his ability to control simple minds that they joined the flock of Trumpanzees.  

These are people who will support Trump with every drop of blood.  They will sprain their tongues trying to align what he said yesterday to what he says today.

Orwell’s sheep are alive and well in Trump’s America.


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