The Twilight Zone

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I have been bumping into a ton of people lately. None of which, I wanted to see. It’s been like that for me for the past few months. This summer is no exception.

One pleasant little girl I bumped into, was playing with her mother outside of Starbucks. She said hi to me twice. I said hi back. She was just a toddler playing with her toy car.

She was walking around, a little shaky. I get it girl. I know what it’s like to learn to walk. I fractured my foot in 2002, and when the cast came off, I had to learn to walk all over again.

I get it girl. I wish I could have told her, but her mother was there. Oh, and she doesn’t know how to talk yet. Nevertheless, parents just don’t understand.

Serenity now. I wish it were Halloween already. I don’t care for the summer. I just want the fall to find me content making soups, and eating ice cream, outside, in the cold, like I used to do when I lived in San Francisco.

I can however, feel the shift in energy. I am ready to begin my new life in this change. I feel it coming. I don’t know yet if I will have a nice weekend, but the bus driver did wish me a very good weekend. He was on the route 7. (Me singing the twilight zone song.)


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Written by Maria Ayala

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