The Out Break Of Public Anger Against Raveena Tondon: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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The out break of Public anger did sprout against a famous Bollywood’s leading actress Raveena Tondon at Bhubaneswar in Incredible Odisha. The furore was attracted when local people along with regional media raised voice against a commercial shooting in which the said actress was busy yesterday inside a famous  Hindu Temple which also as per Hindu religion known as one of the ‘SHAKTI PEETH ‘(Power center of Lord Shiva)  among 12 other in India.


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The Commercial shooting was arranged inside the Holy LINGARAJ TEMPLE which is strictly followed as the NO CAMERA ZONE.

Contrary to people and media Actress Raveena did claim that she was unaware this spot inside the temple as a NO CAMERA ZONE. People of Odisha really have a distinguished mark of  deep rooted religious sentiments in India that ever one in this country knows.

Therefore hurting people’s religious sentiments put Raveena into a big trouble as the commissioner ate of Odisha police already have registered a FIR at Bhubaneswar in Odisha on public pressure with the request of Lingaraj Temple administration and the investigation is under process.

The temple administration has also been ordered to have a proper investigation into the said matter.

In this regard, the Executive Officer of the Lingaraj Temple Rajiv Lochan Panda urged ,” “The matter has come to our notice. We had not given the permission to shoot the video on the temple premises. Mobile phones are only allowed for servitors of the temple and there is strict ban on carrying phones by devotees to the temple. We will conduct an inquiry to ascertain the circumstances leading to the incident” .


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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