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The mountain in Canada is named after the Serbian duke

Country Canada, the province of Alberta, the stone wreath of Kananaskis and on it mountain – Putnik! It was named after the Serbian dukes Radomir Putnik. And so it was called the Canadians back in 1918, in honor of the Chief of the Supreme Command of the Serbian Army in the First World War.

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Mountain Putnik was named as a memorial to men and women from allied forces in Serbia and their leader, the dukes of Radomir Putnik (1847-1917) – written in a plaque in English.Serbia lost a quarter of its population, both members of the army and civilians during the First World War (1914-1918). This victim was part of Canadian and allied fights in Europe against three empires in order to protect human rights and the freedom of humankind.

The Serbian community in Calgary has about 5,000 members and the installation of a memorial plaque on Putnik, is part of the activities of several Serbian organizations in the presentation of Serbian history, tradition and culture.

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Serbs left their national traces across North America.The National Museum of Texas keeps in Houston the image of the first Serbian settler, George Šagić, who moved in 1815.At Colorado, a post office is called Belgrade,in Illinois – the city of Belgrade was founded in 1822 and in Maine – Belgrade was founded in 1796. Through this city flows the Belgrade stream, and the city surrounds the villages of North Belgrade, Belgrade Depot and Belgrade Mils, and there are also the Belgrade Lake, one of the main tourist attractions of this country.


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