The Modern Writing Paradigm

In the 1800s into the early 1900s; authors were virtually paid by the word. They would have an article published in a hard copy magazine and to make the coin, it needed to be Five Thousand Words. The authors would include long descriptions of the locale and appearances, going on and on.

In 2000 readers want  to the point prose. Only if it is necessary will a description be of use.

Old writing sites like Hubpages demand long boring blah blah so  a sharp article which would be perfect at 600 words is dragged to 2,000 words.

Most of us have not so much a short attention span but a short BS span. We want to get to the point. We want the prose to be succinct and sharp.

Older sites failed because they published long and boring rubbish no one wanted to read. The only reason Hubpages remains is that it offers excellent storage.


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