THE LORD GANESHA: My Favourite Hindu God

The Mighty Lord ‘Ganesha ‘ who otherwise also known as Ganapati,Vinayaka,Pillaiyar and Binayak.

He is the Lord of the Lords only because when ever any Hindu Lord is worshipped ,Ganesha is Worsipped at First before worshipping that particular God which even termed him as ‘AGRYA PUJYA’(A Sanskrit Term that means who is worshipped always at First).

According to Hindu Mythology ,Lord  Ganesha  is the son of the Lord ‘SHIVA’ who is among the top Most  Three Hindu Gods. BRAMHA,the creator, BISHNU, Who looks after ,and the Lord Shiva, Who is known as the Destroyer when the Universe led by Negative Powers time to time.

Lord Ganesha’s image not only finds in India , But also you can also find worshipping this Mighty Lord even in SRILANKA, THAILAND,INDONESIA ,BANGLADESH and in the only declared Hindu Nation in the world NEPAL.

Lord Ganesha is absolutely famous among learned people including uneducated and illiterates in India to have his blessings for your ultimate wisdom and knowledge.

A little Child , studying in even Nursery when goes to appear the Class test ,it’s Parent does advise him/her to have a look at the Statue of Lord Ganesha  installed in the home to get his blessings to secure more marks in the test.

The above description clears all of your doubt in regard to the immense importance of this Hindu God for each and every believer of Hindu religion.

I also in fact love to look at statue of the Mighty GANESHA where ever it may be installed on road or inside temple including in my home also. Yesterday Night , all of a sudden when I was writing some news article ,I desired to paint a sketch of the Lord Ganesha and finally I did .

Here I shared this sketch in VIRILY at first before sharing with any one.


What do you think?


Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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