The Laws of Physics – 7 – End

Always be prepared for the ‘over reaction’.  

Any action that is different or touches on prejudices will provoke far more than an equal reaction.  

Moving slowly, insuring that the vast majority accepts a change, prevents an over reaction.

Moving in a bold step, especially when a large segment of a population is ignorant or controlled by their prejudices and emotion, will provoke that over reaction.

It is evident that the American President is mentally imbalanced, ignorant, stuffed with prejudices and not fit to be mayor of a small town.  But he was elected because of his connection to White Supremists.

He will be supported, regardless of what he does or says, as long as white supremacy rules America.

Had Barack Obama not been the democratic candidate in 2008 but an acceptable white Anglo Saxon male,  Donald Trump would have been laughed off the podium when he put himself foward as a candidate.

Never underestimate stupidity, prejudice and the reaction.


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