The Laws of Physics – 4

How people will react to an action, can not be ascertained with accuracy.  Some words and actions may provoke a mega response, some no response at all.

Unlike Physics, human behaviour does not consist of ‘equal’ reactions to an action.  Often, it is an overreaction.  

Shouting; “Fire!” in a crowded room gains panic.   There may be no fire, and even if there was, panic is not useful.  But human reaction is rarely equal to the ‘action’.

This is why white supremacists continual to  support Donald Trump.

Unlike regimes were there is no free press or ability to gain outside information, Americans can easily learn how their President is considered by the rest of the world, the detrimental policies he enacts, the mistakes he has made and continues to make, which Americans will pay for.

However, that pales beside the anger and hatred these people bear towards that Black Man who was in the White House.  That anger and hatred has not yet fully been excreted.


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