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The Death Of You

I walk into the club, I really hate these places the only thing ‘good’ is the loud music, I can feel the beat all the way to my cold heart, that vibration, gets the adrenaline flowing.

I dressed for the event, for you My Love, this is your night. The sexy black dress you love to see me in, with sleeves long, hiding half of my hands, not showing to much but just enough for you to keep your eye on me, to make sure no other man touches.

This place is packed, perfect! I stop at the bar, only for a second and I have a drink in my hand from some local wanting my time, I spot you across the room, covered in the fake red heads wanting a piece of you but you are looking for me, checking the time on your new Iphone, scanning the room, the front door.

You spot me staring at you from the bar, you stare at old spice next to me. I feel you, I feel your jealousy, but you stand still. You wait because ‘the woman’ is to come to you, you would never beg, you wait and they come, I will come to you and you know it.

Never taking your eyes off me no expression, looking for my reaction because you know what you did to me, you know the lies and the corruption all came out, what you did to me, you broke my heart.

I stand still, never take my eyes off you, I know this pisses you off, for me not to obey at once. The control you want but you don`t have.

Ahhhh, the perfect song. “Down With The Sickness.”

I hand my empty glass to old spice and I slowly begin to dance, feeling the music. I slowly, very slowly, dance my way over to you.

I continue to dance, slowly, in front of you, staring into you dark brown eyes, never looking away. Red head protests but she will never break this moment and walks off.

You reach up and take my neck in your hand, a tight grip but I won`t stop dancing and looking into your eyes…. the music…. those words… ‘will you give into me.’

Dropping your hand from my neck, you lean down and whisper in my left ear “give in to me.” Brushing you lips across my neck ever so softly, barely touching, as I continue to dance. You go in for a kiss but stop just before your lips touch mine and you wait for me to give in, but I still dance ever so slowly.

You give into me, for once because you know you broke my heart, and that is your mistake. As you take your kiss with your hand in my hair, pulling me to your lips, it slides down and and into my right hand.

With one fast and hard thrust its under your rib cage, I let out a moan with the feel of that one action, I kiss you back. You smile and kiss me until you cannot stand. I slowly sit you down in the chair, staring onto each others eyes I said ” you broke my heart so my monster took yours.”

By Andria Perry

Photo By Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry


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