Test of the mind in Obsolescence.

Thi works is titled: SOKUL and is a realization under the umbrella of #immateriale arte.

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Do you like to take a test for understand if you got an Obsolete mind?

This test is realized on the base of my digital art experience as a creative innovator of the way of painting.

I have got the idea to make an easy test to understand if you are able or not to search, such types of pieces of information of which I will ask you to go the research.

I wrote the test in the LinkedIn Pulse and this following is the link to select if you like to understand the state of mind of your personal Obsolescence. Takes just 2 minutes of reading and maybe a little more to find the rights answers. Why don’t you try?

Obsolescence Test – Click to Try.


What do you think?

Written by Flavio Fassio


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    • Am not interesting on selling Framework or print but I can Project all my works throughout Video with music. For TV or Live Show, for the conferences as cultural Break or also on historical walls for a new type of street art with music.

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