Television and Radio

I was just thinking about these two words when I to change the batteries in the remote.  Just thinking what could these two inventions were really suppose to do. I know they were invented to teach us and show us what we need to know about what is happening in the world near us and far from us.

T is for teaching information to us,

E is for the entertainment it gives us,

L is for the learning that we can and may do,

E is for elevating our thought processes, maybe,

V is for the vision that one had to invent,

I is for the information brought to us through this invention,

S is for showing and having vision,

I is for interest in events,

O is for organization somehow,

N is for nighttime viewing, when necessary.


R is for realizing what listening over viewing can invoke,

A is for action we can see in our minds when we listen,

D is for dial to find the station,

I is for the information it brings without all the images,

O is for opportunities to still learn even without visual images, as television.


What do you think?

Written by 1Mark

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