I enjoy working online as a writer/blogger, but I have decided to try my hand at filling in online surveys.  You know those sites that ask individuals questions on how they feel about various products, vacations, cars and even colleges.  I will continue to submit here and a few other writing sites that I work for currently.  On the site that I heard about from another writing site from another writer I decided to join surveyjunkie.  It is actually kind of fun and I already had a payout.  This is a site that even gives you points toward pay even if you do not qualify for a particular survey.  This site even gives me various ideas for some articles for some of the surveys ask for opinions on politics and education.  I guess I can call myself a writeblogsurveyor.  I thought filling in surveys would be boring, but it is not boring at all and this site actually makes sure that you read each question. They have questions that require you to follow directions and if you don’t you cannot move on to complete the survey you are working on at the moment. The image of the abacas is a way of counting and taking surveys is one way to count ideas of others in dealing with products and other decisions that one may have to make in living life.  I am glad I am giving this online job a chance.


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