Love ItLove It

Sunset loss

I’ll meet you again,
Every day you go and return.
I do not know what marvels at this insistence,
Of that repetition.
But we meet each day again
And you still look beautiful to me.
That end and that principle,
Beginning and end, end and beginning,
Where it begins and where it ends,
Not known.
Endless Life Loop
And never end.
Keep giving me your beauty
Keep showing me your magic.
It’s a lie that you are sadder.
May your sunrise be more
Cheerful and especially more beautiful.
Depends on who you share it with
It depends how your heart is
It depends on the eyes with which you look at it.
There is an end is a beginning,
It’s not over, we start over.
Yin and Yang melancholic and vital.
United joy and sadness
End and beginning.
Life life life


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Written by Itzikuna