The story of Mariela Lind by oscarps

The story of Mariela Lind by oscarps

Part  Nº1

Mariela LInd

Many, many years ago in a kingdom next to an ocean beaten with waves of silver and blue inhabited a young lady whose name was Mariela Lind. Growing that flower without thinking anything else alien to the comings and goings of the chapters of history, she only thought of loving and being loved, be loved by me.We were only two children, but our love was so great that the angels of heaven took us envious, for they were not as happy, not even half as everyone knew, in that kingdom by the ocean.The sky opened and closed again and a wind broke from a dark cloud that night, and froze the heart of the beautiful Mariela lind. Then came her noble family to bury her in a sepulcher in that oceanic realm.When the moon shines it brings me in dreams, when a star shines in her I see her eyes and spend the night lying with her, my dear, beautiful, my life, my wife.Our love was and is stronger than the love that the elders feel, that they know more as they say of the things of life, nor the angels of the sky nor the demons of the sea will ever separate my soul from the soul of Mariela Lind.In that tomb beside the ocean, in his tomb next to that noisy ocean.


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