St. Petka

Today is a great feast, dedicated to Holy Petka – the Parable of the Mother of God, who was the protector of women, the poor and the sick. Holy Petka in the Serbian people is highly respected and esteemed, especially among women whose protector is considered.

Her cult is nourished for centuries in Southeast Europe, both in the Serbs, as well as in Greeks, Romanians and Bulgarians, and some non-Christian peoples in the Middle East are also respected. According to tradition, St. Petka helped the sick and the nutritious hungry. According to folk belief and the evening before the holiday of St. Petka has a special meaning. After dinner you usually go to sleep. It is compulsory to cross three times, so say the prayer: “Help God, Saint Peter and Holy Sunday, forgive us if we have wronged, help me and preserve me from the strange misery of the unseen, save me from bad thoughts, help tomorrow’s daughters; God’s health, I sleep well, I do not understand bad, but smile and basil, give God’s health, happiness and prosperity, and we wait for tomorrow and tomorrow we are healthy and alive!

Young girls should take flowers and decorate their home in order to have style and peace all year long, while girls dress new dresses in order to keep them happy next year.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak