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Spooky Monks and Haunted Toilets

The Cineworld Cinema in Bedford in England is the place to go if you want to see the latest movies. It is also the place to go if you want to find some spooks. Most of the haunting seems to take place on Screen 4 and in the toilets. People have seen a monk or at least a figure in a hood in the foyer and the toilet. A young girl got the fright of her life when she saw the ghostly monk while looking into the mirror in the toilet. Imagine the thought of having something like that standing behind you?

She was so horrified that she locked herself in a cubicle but then I must ask you – couldn’t the ghostly monk join her in the cubicle and wouldn’t it be more frightening to find yourself in a closed space with it? I would have run out of that bathroom. Screen 4 experiences many drops in temperature, has sounds of scratching noises, and the jangling sounds of rattling chains. The cleaning staff of the cinema have had apples and sweets thrown at them by someone or something they could not see and customers have made complaints that there have been hands brushing along their legs while they are sitting and watching a movie.

So if you’re into ghost hunting and you travel to England go and see the latest movie at this theater. You’ll not only get to enjoy the movie but meet some spirits as well.


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