Soft Brains

Way back in 2008 a user of Triond, to make money, wrote an article about Johnny Depp committing suicide.  

Now clearly, Johnny Depp didn’t commit suicide, and if one actually read the article there were a lot of flags that it was a spoof.  Yet!  People all over the world read it and believed it!

Everyone on Triond scuffled to find something to get so many views and make so much money…(1c for 6 views… get 1 Million Views…)

Some wrote about some actor coming out as gay, some wrote about some miracle cure, and Ulsterman, realising how racist Americans were, decided to do an anti-Obama piece called ‘Whitehouse Insider”

There were a lot of clues that the articles were spoofs but once they went virile ‘everyone’ believed them.  That is because ‘everyone’ was racist.

It was only South Africa, under Apartheid, which came near to America’s racism.  Sure other nations are racist, but none as deep and strong as America.

Donald Trump was elected President in 2016 by racists.  He was known in the white supremacist community, and endorsed by the most well known racists.

He was elected by racists and the usual house slaves who try to please Massa.

From the beginning of his term in office, Donald Trump has considered racists ‘very fine people’.

He has also lied about everything, from the size of the audience at his inauguration in 2017 to the ‘cheating’ going on in the 2020 election.

Never before has a President had such a stupid population who will believe anything he says, and do what he wants, no matter the price they pay.



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