Simon de Beauvoir

On this day in 1908 in Paris, Montparnasse, born Simon de Beauvoir. She studied philosophy, mathematics, language and literature. It was the ninth woman who graduated from the Sorbonne. During her studies she met Sartre, her future life partner. She taught philosophy for 12 years in Marseilles. Rouen and Paris, and the first book was published in 1943. She wrote the equally successful literary works and philosophical essays.

She was a leftist, dealt with social issues, political issues and the fight for women’s equality. Strongly influenced the strengthening of the women’s movement beyond the borders of France. During World War II she was a member of the Resistance. With Sartre and a group of intellectuals in 1945 runs the influential magazine “Modern Times”. For the novel “Mandarin” received in 1954 the most prestigious French literary prize “Gonkur”.

Among the first in the West wrote about the existence of labor camps for ideological dissidents in the Soviet Union. She is a cosmopolitan, he traveled the world. Mirjana Vukmirović says that before “through which the described bright and warm colors, from whose spectrum is allocated and the most like the one he identified with his childhood, refinement and serenity –  purple flower. Branko Copic, by his own admission, painting for eternity garden of his childhood, just borrowed the color of ‘one French writer Simone de Beauvoir.

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