Show Me Something

Sam  Smith sings I`m not the only one, in the background as my thoughts go wild.

This is so confusing. Which one? Should I wait? Should I make the move?

What is this white ghost here? Or is that one of my guardian angels? What is happening?

Things have changed since Peter left me. I did not look back. It was not real, he wanted the game and the game only.

This is real. This is strange for the both of us. His actions with my words. I`m sure he has never met anyone like me, out going and straight forward.

When he hurts I take the pain away, he has taken noticed of this. I have taken notice of his ability to be there for me when I need him the most and to allow him to teach me things I do not know with open mine and full attention.

Sharing secrets. Trusting those secrets stay with this person, with me!

My heavenly father, What is happening? This should not happen, not yet! Show me something!

“Hey girlie girl, whats the problem? Do you not know why I put him there with you, two lost souls, always alone. No longer alone.” Answered God


Driving through the graveyard, I stop and roll down the window, I began to talk to a grave. “I was told you are one of my guardian angels so which one should I pick? One is kind of creepy, always has a sadness around him but not that bad and the other is more like you was, so show me?” Show me something!


“Come on, lets go get food.” he said

“Sure, I`m starving.”

The first move, a couple hours, this is something.


“Okay, lets do this.” He said

“I will be your assistant.” I replied.

Hours pass.

“I`m buying lunch today.” I insisted

“Okay but I have to a few places to stop before coming back.” He answered



So much said. So much put out there. So much to take in.

So much to accept or reject.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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