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Secrets, Lies and Long Distance

Life is funny. There is no other way to describe it. Today I found myself full of emotions, some laughing, some crying and even being scared. At one point I was crying and laughing at the same time.

See, I woke with the superwoman complex, cape draped over my shoulders, standing with my legs straight and feet solid. “Sure I am gonna do this, the gig is up! These lies! I with let it all out, everything!” I said to myself out loud, dancing through the house, laughing like a mad woman, singing because I didn`t care what the outcome would be, either stay secret or more lies.

I sat down at the computer and let the words flow, I said everything that I wanted to say from the beginning to the end. Happy with myself but knowing this could be the last time, since the gig is up according to me. It was mean saying something i figured would be a fight, a defense put up. Yes… Superwoman is ready and waiting.

Then the human came creeping in, so…. I also wrote a short sweet,ever so reserved edition I could send and it would be acceptable.

Now, to the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, they were arguing through my ears, so I went all angel and sent the short and to the point edition about this person.

Later I got a response that it was to short, it needed something more. This edition was not acceptable.

“Okay” I thought, “what can I add to this?”

“Confess” said the angel on my shoulder, The devil, well being the devil, said ” Yeah sent the mean one, that should get you sent out the door fast, you crazy old big mouth!” Both agreeing? what in the world is happening.

It hit the send button while saying “here goes nothing and everything.” How would this person take this meanness  straight from my brain?

A few minutes later…that actually felt like an hour! I got “Yes! This is cool, I like it. Its long but yeah.”

My reaction was ” Your not mad? Its mean.”

The reply I got floored me “No I`m not mad, its perfect, send this edition. If anything the reader will be entertained and laugh without limitation.”

Whoa! Now superwoman has a new meaning, mean is better than sweet, hmm, that is mind blowing.

That was about the time God showed up and said “Naw girlie girl that was me, you can`t change fate.”

By Andria Perry

Photos and Art by Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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