Scotch Din Nicholson

Scotch Din Nicholson did not expect him cuddly furry creature from the Balkans to become a faithful companion and change your life when in the fall of 2018 went on a trip around the world on a bicycle. As he drove up the steep hill to the border with Montenegro, during a break between two songs that went on the speakers, he heard loud meowing behind. “I stopped and saw a tiny kitten chased me up the hill trying to attract my attention,” said Din for the BBC in Serbian. The living and bearded Scotsman with tattoos are instantly stopped, picked up a hitchhiker tiny, made her place in the basket under the steering wheel and took with him. The two of them from that day completely inseparable: travel together, eat together, play, kayaking, sleeping together. Greyish-white kitten adventurer was named Nala, in the image of a lioness from the movie The Lion King. “It is a brilliant companion.


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