SCENT OF PARADISE! Hilendar, 5 September 2018.god.Dva unforgettable days in this holy.memories and beautiful Photo.Of them is . Hilendar when I come back, this landscape stupefying me. What still carry in my soul as eternal and unforgettable truth, it is that difficult to describe, mental relaxation, peace and full .A all, is complemented, as they say, and highly specific micro-climate and to this very space Atosa. nature, the smell of centuries-old cypress trees, grasses bathed in the most beautiful .

Beautiful morning fog that curled around the silent forest green hiding here with his pale power of penetrating and warm sunshine to the touch after the second turn in stroke and gently drag the distant celestial blueness to seek this self dusk to dawn the next will again descend on the green branches thirsty leaves.

Odor Hilendar heady  and silent priests sing with soul devoted to God, para night full of stars that are offered to its light indicate God’s way and whispered a secret to you anywhere and no one will say, as the stars above the roofs of centuries-old churches Hilendarski. Speak for yourself with . heart that whispers to you and the third not s. this! Unwinds each thread of life. Regret for all the ugly things that came out of you, proud of the all the beauty and goodness. I like to tell myself: it is good that there are good and which prevail over what you would have wanted to forget but you are not bad da.

To makes you good, to correct the sins and errors. Nowhere as Hilendar, you’re closer to your loved ones who have moved into the heavenly expanse.You talk as if they were there until the bright light from the stars do not fade and everything sinks into the abyss of the West and the birth of a new morning suns with East.stroke resin of pine needles that you like tears running down your face beaming. Morning Hilendaru. I just need some sleep. Just a little…


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