The first participant in the scam is a Bunga Boy, Ian.  

A Bunga Boy is a man who finds an older woman to support him.  He will live off her for as long as he is able. This particular Bunga Boy is a bit more erudite than the average.

He had done his homework, so knew  Teresa mental imbalance before Hello.

Ian came into Teresa’s life with his smile and warmth and put up with her nutty behaviour as if it were perfectly normal.  He spent his days sitting on the veranda eating her food, smoking her ganja, and living off the money she made renting rooms in the Mansion.

When he felt in control he  virtually sang a paen to Teresa, telling her how wonderful and kind she was. Then, a few hours later told Teresa about a friend of his, Joan, who had been burnt out of her house and had no where to go.

He made Joan sound more pathetic than she was.

Teresa, basking in  kindness allowed Joan to live in her house, eat her food, and smoke her ganja.

Hence two people are now enjoying Teresa’s property.


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Written by jaylar

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