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Salute Basilica in Venice

.. Salute Basilica in Venice.

Santa Maria della Salute (Our Lady of Health) by the Venetians simply called Salute, the famous Venetian church, the basilica is located on the picturesque narrow Customs cape that lies between the Canal Grande and the Gulf of St. Brand in the lagoon, across from Square St. Marka.Po its size to the smaller Venetian church, its harmonious proportions and classic, they are recognizable and are associated with Venice, it is one of the most photographed churches in Italy. This very famous basilica built by Venetians in response to a great plague that decimated the population of the city in the seventeenth century. In this epidemic, which lasted from 1630 to 1631, killed an estimated 80,000 people in the area of the Venetian lagoon and around 600,000 people within the Venetian Republic. Organized numerous religious processions to similar religious buildings that were built on the occasion of similar monsters in the past, but none bore fruit. For this reason, only a month since the beginning of the epidemic, the Venetian Senate announced that the new basilica to be built in honor of the Virgin Mary. This is the reason why the basilica called Santa Maria della Salute (Salute-health).


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