There are 17 pyramids in Russia, and the largest is near Moscow. In Russia, they are not tombs, but ambulances! The pyramids have a special energy that can be registered, even by military radar. This was proved by the military expert Alexander Golod, of Ukrainian origin, who built 17 pyramids throughout Russia. And not only in Russia, he raised one in Uzbekistan, the other in France. Golod began studying the pyramids in 1990 for the purpose of military defense and dedicated his entire life to them. Today, his theory is known that the pyramid, as a shape, has energy that can be beneficial for the organism and the natural environment. After this discovery, he built 17 fiberglass pyramids. Hunger believes that the ancient Egyptians had the same knowledge and power to heal and improve the yield of cereals with the help of pyramids. The first pyramids were 11 meters high, and then he started building bigger than 22, so 44 meters. The first ones were made of plexiglass, and the next ones were made of wood, a traditional Russian material.


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