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It was expected and planned, after all being sick for a long time you come to realize you will have to come and go from all the doctors offices and the hospital.

Being a seer is not easy when you have to be the one in the hospital, after all a hospital is where many took their last breath, some realize they are dead and other don`t and walk around, visiting. Some may even come to work as nurses and doctors, making their rounds.

We are all still people, dead or alive.

Nowadays these are planned hospital visits, knowing when to go and seek help with a 24/7 staff and more than one doctor. With that being said I take my protection stone with me, but sometimes its not always in my pocket and those times are when things happen.

The first night I slept on a cot next to his bedside, that is what a full time caregiver does, there to lend a hand to the staff for small things like help to the bathroom or handing over a glass of water, I had my stone in my purse and in the floor by the cot.

I was almost asleep and I heard a female voice whisper in my ear “Hey” and I opened my eyes but no one was there and he was sleeping. The t.v. was on classical music with no voices.

I reached down and got my stone out of my purse and laid on top of it in the cot. I fell off to sleep.

I woke several hours later to my patient talking, but I did not turn over, I figured it was a nurse or tech doing their job so I listened, no one was talking back to him. No he was not talking to anyone he was praying.

His prayer was asking God to accept these people in heaven and telling them to go to the light, go be with God and your people.

When he was finished I turned over and sat up, he looked at me and told me the room was filled with dead people just hanging out and that one lady was standing by the bed, she had to go, they had to go.

I nodded with understanding, because one already told me “hey.”

He then asked me to salt the room, ask then not to come inside the room. I did and we both got back to sleep and slept well.

Each night, after the cleaning staff removed the salt, I would sen the whirlwind of the something or someone, the running at me of someone that always freaked me out. He had to help crossing them over so he prayed a few times a day and then has me with packets of salt when enough was enough.

By Andria Perry

Photos By Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. I can relate. I wonder how people are chosen to see helpers and see’ers? We have heard many stories of our house being haunted. We have seen and heard things here, but none were harmful. I’m at peace with it all now. It seems like all the signs were little tests to see if we would stay. I think we were accepted. The two families before us didn’t last more than a year each.

  2. I am glad that these poor souls could be helped. I am sure that the souls that haunt certain places want to be there or cannot help themselves so it is good to know there are people who can eventually find them and show them the way to the other side. I knew my late husband had gone over to the other side the very next day after I heard of his passing in the hospital. I awoke to a very wild windy day and I knew he was making his frustration known that he would have wanted to be down below with me but could not and that wind just blew all day and finally, I guess he simmered down and toward nightfall the wind did not die down it just suddenly stopped. I had to smile because it was like the times when he would vent frustration and then afterward heave a sigh

  3. Reading this hit very close to home. Bringing back memories of my mother’s death. Tony is what my grandfather would have called a gatekeeper, a helper of death. He helps guide them home. This takes a lot out of a person. When my mother died. I was in the hospital for two weeks. I saw what seemed like millions of souls just walking with no place to go. They followed her light to the other side. I saw myself for whole weeks in shadow guiding and helping these people walk through what seemed like a gate to me. I can totally relate to this story.

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