Robbing children the opportunity to be educated culturally

There has to be other ways to teach children southern history while not teaching them that it is okay to be racist. It is sickening to think that someone would pride themselves on teaching children hate on another based off of differences or beliefs. Not only are you setting your children up for failure by passing on the ignorance that was passed on to you, but you are also robbing them of the opportunity to be educated culturally. If all you have to offer your children is teaching them hate, and how much better they are than another human being based off of the differences of that human being then it just proves how unfit you are as a parent or grandparent. 

In response to ‘Viral video from BLM protest in Branson shows woman honoring KKK‘ via #springfieldNL 

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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  1. It’s still surprising that they clutch on to the side that lost. People stopped being Cubs fans after they won the World Series. For some reason, there are some people that will always support the losing side no matter what.

    • I’ll never understand that myself. And how can you pride something that you never grew up during the times of.

      I used to hate those days riding on the train headed to class or leaving class on a train filled with Cubs fans.

  2. you bring a great point to bear – that there are better ways. That we as a country can teach of the future and stop sharing the insidious southern past.

    I watched the moment when Nascar drivers stood together to stand for Bubba Wallace, rather than standing for what was the tradition of that sport.

    we are better than this.


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