Renacimiento – giclee print

The title means rebirth, which is a good title for a Dia de los Muertos piece. I wanted this one to be much more traditional and feature more of the symbolism associated with the holiday, as opposed to my usual approach, which is just to depict a woman in catrina makeup

I also wanted to have a high contrast value scheme, as befitting the longest night of the year. This solution required a sharp rimlight to separate the figure from the ground. I also decided on a warm, rich palette to indicate crepuscular lighting

#1 release version

Marigolds and monarch butterflies feature prominently in the symbolism of the holiday, and I even based her catrina makeup on marigolds as well. The background is abstract because there really isn't enough room for anything else...

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#2 rough sketch

This is one of my better rough sketches- there is just enough value to separate the figure from the ground, but mostly midtones. Darks and lights are used sparingly, yet with maximum effect due to the minimalist approach

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#3 underpainting / POC

I was just playing around with the concept here and stopped when I realized the composition was off and that I didn't like her makeup. So I fixed her pose and changed her makeup to recall marigolds, as mentioned earlier

The abstract background was just a placeholder at the time but I liked it so much I decided to keep it in the final version

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