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Pt Chevalier in the Mist


Pt Chevalier is the West of Central Auckland, New Zealand. Often when people passed through Pt Chevalier they found a block of non descriptive shops and passed through the town to Motions Road where the Auckland Zoo is.

This morning that I took the photos I was curious to see what the beach front of Pt Chevalier looked like in the fog. So I turned off to 2 parks and here are some photos to view and you can see what it’s like. There is the legend of the 2nd park beach of Maori Faeries and also it’s a very popular beach in the summer.

#1 First Beach Park Pt Chevalier

The tide was out this morning on the Waitamata Harbour and across the mud flat here there are a long queue of Auckland Traffic in the mist on the North Western Motorway. Most are going to work or going South to work as it's peak hour traffic.

Auckland has not always been as congested in this traffic at peak hours, but with the rising number of immigrants, our roads, our work places and our housing is not able to cope with the number of immigrants.

I think that it is not taking the immigrants into Auckland, and have nothing against new people from all over the world, Im pleased they want to come.

What concerns me, is that we are a very small country and we cannot handle all these people all at once. What I would prefer to see, is a little at a time, so we can get to know these people and make friends of them gradually and help them to get used to living here as New Zealand is quite different from their own country. 

#2 Closer view of Auckland Harbour Bridge from 2nd Pt Chevalier Beach Park

Here is a much closer look at the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Then you see what now remains of the hard working Maori Faeries.

My standard 4 teacher, Mr Clegg told us this legend.Now in Maori folklore their has been said to be Maori Taniwha or Maori Mythical monsters all through the Waitamata Harbour and the Manukau Harbour and some of the Auckland land. That is another story another time......I am a White woman my ancestors long ago from the United Kingdom, mainly England. However, we have some written books here about these interesting legends...another time......


A close up of the traffic, I guess it's quite normal for most places of the world but I don't have to like it. One traffic accident and the whole road way here just stays still for hours.

We have yet to open a new tunnel with an extended road to the South West from here, but this had a few problems like getting the sprinklers to work and getting the lighting of the tunnel to work, it should be open in 2 weeks and will greatly ease the congestion of traffic. So wait for my future post and hopefully we will all see what happens. 2 weeks wait yet.


This first park beach set back to get the long distance of the North West motorway. The tide is out and it's mud flats with small crustaceans, crabs and other life under the mud.

Now we have a Housing crisis in Auckland and it is an urgent need, because our own New Zealanders can not get either their own place that they pay for that property or their own affordable rented accomodation. The immigrants some from over seas have brought our homes and made Auckland unaffordable. It is not their fault but the laws of New Zealand that have not foreseen this situation.

#6 Second Beach Park Looking at Auckland Harbour Bridge

This is the second but official "Pt Chevalier" beach that is much more known to most people, and this shows the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the fog, over the mud flats.

You may notice a patch of dark brown before the Harbour Bridge. This is the legendary attempt about Maori Faeries trying to build a bridge from this side to the north shore.

The Maori Faeries had to do all the building at night or else during the day they would turn to stone. When they had worked all night and still not finished their bridge, the dawn came. "Stone be All!" and what you see here are the stony remains of poor hard working Maori Faeries.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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