Prague is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. The city of bridges, the city of cathedrals, the city of hundreds of towers, the city of beer, the city of gold, are just some of the names that adorn the capital of the Czech Republic. Walking through the streets of Prague, I felt like I was in a huge baroque castle that has no end, and the eyes of kings and queens, saints, mythical creatures and gods are watching you from every side. Many world-famous artists, poets, architects and writers lived and worked in Prague, and over the centuries they have shaped this city with an incredible dose of love, which today is adorned with a fairytale appearance and cheerful spirit. In almost every street you can find amazing buildings that you will not believe were made by human hands, and on every corner you will come across as much artistic spirit and energy as in any other place. And that is what gives a magnificent experience of a golden and fairytale city located in the heart of Europe.


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