Portland; Parish of Corruption

Portland is the most ignored, anarchistic Parish in Jamaica.    

It may take a week in St. Thomas for 100 yards of a road to be completed. In Portland it will take years.  This is because the work is ‘politically’ motivated.  

Where in other Parishes even before regulations and rules, no one would think to stack huge speaker boxes in a public field and blast music so loud  no one in the surrounding area could hold a phone conversation, in Portland, this is standard.   Calling the police is a waste of credit.  

Minivans and Taxis are jam packed.  It was bad enough to overload before Covid,  now, to see a driver sharing the front seat with three others is not an eye blink.  And wearing masks?  Maybe four out of the 12 passengers (in a taxi designed to carry no more than 7) is a shoulder shrug.

People who live in Portland  do what they please without the slightest reference to the existence of others.


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Written by jaylar

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