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Poem: God Bless Females, Women and Girls

This is a poem I wrote about 6 years ago. It is meant to appreciate women and girls. Even in the current-modern-civilized word, women are still regarded as a weaker sex. We are still living in a male-dominated world never mind the overwhelming evidence that what men can do, women can do (sometimes better than men).

There has been a significant change in how women are viewed. However, it will take long for gender equality to be recognized at local, national and international level.

To all women and girls out there, I dedicated this poem to you.

There are three things men don’t understand,

Three things they are confused about,

Three things that puzzle them;

Females, women and girls.

There are three things men are grateful for,

Three things they cannot do without,

Three things they will live to cherish;

Females, women and girls.

To mothers for their caring and loving heart,

To sisters for their concern and advice,

To ladies for their comfort and warmth;

God bless females, women and girls.

How would life be without them,

How would life be for men without them,

And how would I know the much am blessed,

If females, women and girls didn’t exist.


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Written by Introvert

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  1. The path to equality is a struggle. My mother, sisters, and wife have fought hard. My daughter fights hard now.

    we are all equal. In the worlds of Dr. King “i have a dream, that someday my daughter will walk down the street and be judged not for the color of her skin, but the content of her mind.”

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