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I did not want to create a poll because I would like you to tell me in the comments and I hope enough of you will read this and respond. You know I write about a lot of different topics and some might be easy to comment on and some not so easy. Anyway, I just recently also posted about a very special World’s Fair that I got to go to with my dad. I wrote about the fair and about my memories. I did see that there were upvotes and views so thank you for that. However, there were no comments at all and perhaps this particular post required none. What I would like to know is if you think that posting different memories about my life and my parents might be of interest. I have many different stories hanging about gathering dust and I was wondering if I should brush them off and post them. Some of them are unique because I was raised in two cultures Latvian and American and some of the stories have also to do with Latvians in the New World and their experiences. So, please tell me if these would be of interest or not. I have included a link to my world’s fair post just as a reminder that it is also a personal memory and since the years have flown and by now my writings are in no order whatsoever would it be all right to just post them as I have saved them? If I can I will put as many as I can in some kind of sequence I mean it would be odd to read about me as a child one day and suddenly all grown up the next. Thank you for your response. That is my favorite photo of me and my parents I think I am the short one in the middle but it has been a long time. 


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  1. To me personally comments or lack of comments don’t alwayas mean interest or lack of interest. I try to comment more lately, but in general I don’t always do it because sometimes I don’t know how to find the right words.
    To answer your question, life in different cutures and times is always ineteresting to me, and you have a great writing talent. I appreciate the diversity of topics you cover!

  2. Well first, I am limited timewise and don’t read every article. For that I apologize as I missed that article.

    I comment when I read within the time I have.

    Sometimes comments are bad – many comments without reading.
    Many upvote without reading.

    I love your memories, nice picture. Pirates, your first boyfriend, all have been fun to read!

    • Don’t get me wrong here Grace I was not complaining at all but I was just curious if there would be interest. Since it looks like there is then I shall proceed and see how things go. I remember quite a while ago when I had been putting in some of my stories about life as such and one comment I still remember today it simply said What you talking about? lol Either they did not understand English well or my life sounded so confusing that they had no idea about what I was writing lol


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