Playing Hard to Get – 3

Jimmy spent his life blaming his parents for a long list of his faults and failings.

He didn’t appreciate that having pushed them away in his twenties that by the time he reached his forties they were long gone.

He decided to  to throw an anniversary party for them.  This is so he could get a captive audience while he speecified.  

Their numbers, the numbers he had for them, didn’t work.   He recalled a cousin who seemed close to them, and contacted him.

After he explained why he wanted his parent’s contact number, he was  told that his folks had taken a year’s cruise.

Of course this ‘abandonment’ and ‘neglect’ could go onto his list of their faults.

He didn’t realise that it was his behavior which was the impetus. After all, if you insult someone enough times, they stop coming around.

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Written by Tall Awah

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