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Pink Floyd II

There was a very tiring tour of the UK, followed by the United States. In stressful year of continuous travel and performances, which are often held in appalling conditions, the atmosphere in the band is going wrong. Barrett sensitive psyche, further weakened by drug abuse, has not filed a record company pressure and excessive ambition other band members. As the year progressed, 1967. Barrett is rapidly losing his mind: he became increasingly unreliable, whimsical, .

One could never know whether they will be able to perform or mood, not whether it will be willing to cooperate with the media and fans. Yet Floyd were not ready to give up their friends and Voters decided to call one of his (and Barrett) childhood friend for help – David Gilmura. The idea was that he becomes the fifth member of the group and her guitar at concerts, while Barrett remained an artistic personality who would not have to be bothered tours.

Progress, unfortunately, was not. One day, a few months later, the band went on playing and just decided to not pick up along the way Barrett. It was over. Barrett spent the next year trying to recover in the spring of 1969 he began work on his first solo album, The Madcap Laughs, how willingly so under pressure from producers that are still expected more from his solo material than the rest of Floyd. Barrett, however, continued to be very unreliable and unstable. He contacted the Gilmurom and invited him to help him. Voters also joined with much effort they managed to finish the album, which was released in early 1970.


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