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Pillars of St. George

Pillars of St. George on a wooded hill above Novi Pazar are magnificent Pillars of St. George, founded by Stefan Nemanja. They were created by their donor, while he was imprisoned in a cave, vowed to build a monastery dedicated to St. George. King Dragutin was then enlarged church and painted its narthex. However, his fate was not bright because it is infested in 1689, after the Austro-Turkish war, when the monks had to leave. Read the mystery of one of the main attractions of Belgrade: Kalemegdan Roman Well hides dark secrets Even 200 years has stood empty and destroyed, and in the second half of the last century began archaeological and restoration works. On Djurdjevi columns to see both East and West, because they are built as a combination of Byzantine and Romanesque style, with two towers (stupa). The frescoes are mostly damaged,


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  1. Stefan Nemanja was the son of Zavida, the founder of a dynasty of the Serbian state.
    At the end of his life he went to the monastery and was there for the rest of his life. Since the sins he committed, he built the monasteries.
    His body was not rotten and he was called by the Simeon mirotocivi.
    Mirotociv-body to smell after death -to speak church .approximate translated!

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