Perhaps Never Regain the Respect

Those of us in the Third World have been fed the propaganda;  “America is the Best!  The Freest! Nation in the World!”  We were made to believe that America and Americans are educated, competent, ‘better than’  we are.

Then Donald Trump begins to run for President.

In 2015  we thought it was a comedy show.  We’ve had local Comedians pretend to run for office.  We didn’t realise that Americans were going to put this clown, this guy we’ve been laughing at,  forward as President.

And we never thought he would win.

When Trump became President of the United States it was so funny.   Here’s this clown, this guy who looks so stupid, whines instead of talks, knows nothing about anything, and he’s the President of the United States.

There were those who said that America had always been the pinnacle  of propaganda. America always said it was the Greatest Nation in the world;   and it isn’t.   It is the most racist place on Earth, once challenged by the Republic of South Africa which no longer exists.

People who work at All Inclusive Hotels can speak on the repulsive behaviour of American Visitors. Many of us have encountered this average American behaviour for ourselves. 

What Trump has done is remove the blinders from our eyes and give us the real, raw America.  Like those crap burgers they sell, full of pink slime, where the lack of taste and value is hidden by flavourings, so too America.

From the first lie about having Three Times more people at his inauguration than Obama did, we knew he was a delusion clown and that the Third World could breath easy.   Far from America interfering in our politics, the President of the United States couldn’t find most of us on a map.

Many nations profited.   Selling and buying from China, and other nations who take advantage of the fact we sh8thole countries don’t want to buy from the U.S.   Our shelves are virtually empty of Made in America products, where once we were swamped.  

Getting senile Ambassadors who don’t push into our society and culture; instead of those hot young ones looking to make a name  allows us to operate without censure.

But most of all, when we see Trump’s mindless Base, unmasked,  not social distancing, as Covid cases rise, and death rates are the highest in the world,  America, that place which we thought had the ‘best’ health care, we smile.

The damage Trump has done to America, to its reputation, should persist for another four years, while we, and the other sh8thole nations, (Trump’s term)  live our lives without interference.

Sure, morally I’d like to see Joe Biden win and bring America back to some level of civility and respect, but if Americans want that guy to represent them, hey, no problem.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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