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Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 6 and 7. January 6 is Christmas Eve. On that day, the family eats fish, beans, dried fruit (figs, Also a dish of sour cabbage – sarma is prepred( On the cabbage leaves, put the fried rice, onion, carrot, spices.. leaves wrap and cook). It is served with pumpkin pie, as well as fresh, apple, mandarin. On the table there are also nuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts.

January 7 is Christmas day. That day is for eating roast meat, cake and sweets. On that day people eat bread in which there is a coin. The one who gets the coin, will be happy all year. There is also a branch of oak on the table. The branch burning later or put on another tree.

Happy Christmas !!!

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    • Yes, but Serbia, Russia, Georgia … celebrate the Julian calendar … on January 6 and 7.But that does not matter ..The theme of the inscription is food that is preparing for dinner. I wish you a happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  1. Those dates you say are not in the old calendar. I am an Orthodox Christian from Bulgaria. Christmas Eve is on December 24th. At the dinner table there are only post-vegetarian foods. On December 25 is Christmas.

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