One More Layer Fell Off

“Hey girlie girl, no need to think about that at all, I did tell you that I will set things right in your life didnt I? Be still. Listen. One layer at a time will come off. You Got This!” God said.

Thank you my heavenly father, I know you have put into me what I need to make this work. I have tapped into the past, those experiences and by doing so I know I got this. You made me a David, so to speak.

Walls are falling, day by day more walls crumble and my soul is being restored, healed, with new trust, trust like I have never known before, unconditional. Not only my walls but another`s walls.


“Hey! you just remember we … Blah….blah ….blah.” said Mark.

‘No, we are not anything and never was, you are nothing more than a scammer, why are you even replying to this because its been weeks since I told you goodbye.” I replied.

“You never loved me.” Mark said with anger.

“You are correct. Goodbye. ” I responded


Riding close, people are watching.

People are talking.

Smiling and enjoying the moments.

Listening and learning.

Actions speak louder than words.

Kind words reflect the heart, actions reflect the soul.

“Remember, nothing is impossible. Remember all things happen for a reason. Your life is planned. Be still. Great things are to come.” God guided with words of hope.

By Andria Perry

Photo by Andria Perry

NOTE : I write fiction. Any names or situations are purely coincidental.


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Written by Andria Perry

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