Oliver's Odyssey -75

If Wendy had been able to get citizenship with marriage, that marriage to Oliver wouldn’t have lasted a year.

She hated Oliver now with the kind of explosion made by a pressure cooker.

All the violence she had put up with, all the abuse she had let him explain, or she had supplied explanations for, hit her like bullets.  

She cried when she recalled how Oliver had beaten Dominic and she did nothing, could do nothing.  She felt so guilty.

Oliver was a horrible evil man, a bully.  

Wendy examined her relationship;  the first meetings when he played a nice guy,  how she saw him not only as a possible husband, but a ticket to America.

And how he used that ‘ticket’  to keep her penned in his hell. 

Wendy’s counsellors told her that hatred with diminish to indifference.


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Written by jaylar

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